Free Market Analysis position 27-04-2016 From

Free Market Analysis position 27-04-2016 From 

BUY Position: 1.1307 Target: 1.1337 Close: 1.1267
Market Movement Range:1.1367 to 1.1267

SELL Position: 111.19 Target: 110.89 Close: 111.59
Market Movement Range:110.59 to 111.59

SELL Position: 1.4571 Target: 1.4541 Close: 1.4611
Market Movement Range:1.4511 to 1.4611

SELL Position: 0.9731 Target: 0.9701 Close: 0.9771
Market Movement Range:0.9671 to 0.9771

SELL Position: 1.8361 Target: 1.8331 Close: 1.8401
Market Movement Range:1.8301 to 1.8401

BUY Position: 1.2588 Target: 1.2618 Close: 1.2548
Market Movement Range:1.2648 to 1.2548

BUY Position: 125.71 Target: 126.01 Close: 125.31
Market Movement Range:126.31 to 125.31

BUY Position: 1.9161 Target: 1.9191 Close: 1.9121
Market Movement Range:1.9221 to 1.9121

BUY Position: 0.7751 Target: 0.7781 Close: 0.7711
Market Movement Range:0.7811 to 0.7711

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