Free Market Analysis position 31-03-2016 From

Free Market Analysis position 31-03-2016 From 

BUY Position: 1.1391 Target: 1.1421 Close: 1.1351
Market Movement Range:1.1451 to 1.1351

SELL Position: 112.32 Target: 112.02 Close: 112.72
Market Movement Range:111.72 to 112.72

BUY Position: 1.4360 Target: 1.439 Close: 1.432
Market Movement Range:1.442 to 1.432

SELL Position: 0.9588 Target: 0.9558 Close: 0.9628
Market Movement Range:0.9528 to 0.9628

SELL Position: 1.5839 Target: 1.5809 Close: 1.5879
Market Movement Range:1.5779 to 1.5879

SELL Position: 1.2903 Target: 1.2873 Close: 1.2943
Market Movement Range:1.2843 to 1.2943

BUY Position: 127.88 Target: 128.18 Close: 127.48
Market Movement Range:128.48 to 127.48

SELL Position: 1.8661 Target: 1.8631 Close: 1.8701
Market Movement Range:1.8601 to 1.8701

BUY Position: 0.7925 Target: 0.7955 Close: 0.7885
Market Movement Range:0.7985 to 0.7885

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